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Paola Andrea Cuervo Prado

Paola Cuervo Prado

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(+57 1) 316 5000 ext. 14435

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Paola Andrea Cuervo Prado, Professor, Ph.D. Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia. Paola Cuervo was born in Cali-Colombia. She graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Universidad del Valle in 2002. She joined the research group of heterocyclic compounds of Prof. Braulio Insuasty at the same institution and received her Ph. D. degree in chemical sciences with emphasis on organic chemistry (2008-Univalle). After she joined the Department of Chemistry at Universidad Nacional de Colombia as an Assistant Professor in 2009 and was promoted to an Associate Professor in 2013. She got her post-doctoral experience in the Department of Inorganic and organic chemistry at Jaén University. During her scientific career, Dr. Cuervo authored and co-authored 14 research manuscripts, published in peer reviewed international journals. Her research interests focus on the rational drug design and the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and its applications.

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