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About us:

The Internationalization Program of Faculty of Sciences (PIC) advises the students interested in participating in mobility processes, supporting them in the initial application procedures and subsequent steps with the Office of Inter-institutional Relations (ORI), the International Affair Office (DRE) and the corresponding national and international institutions.




      • To promote and divulge internationalization.
      • To advise, accompany and follow up the process of incoming and outgoing mobility.
      • To activate and sign inter-institutional agreements in which the Faculty of Sciences participates, both national and international.
      • To elaborate indicators of the mobility carried out, which are useful as support for self-evaluation.


      The program seeks to strengthen the internationalization of the Faculty through the international projection, supporting mobility processes, management of international cooperation, and the subscription of national and international agreements.






      International mobility advisor with an International Business degree.


      Yury Arias: