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3rd International Colloquium on Representations of Algebras and Its Applications; Alexander Zavadskij.


The  3rd International Colloquium on Representations of Algebras and Its Applications; Alexander Zavadskij is a space created by the Department of Mathematics of the National University of Colombia, for researchers and students across the country interested in the area to discuss the state of the art of the research in Algebras, Representation of Algebras and its Applications, the following is a not exhaustive list of subjects; Structure of finite dimensional algebras, Structure of the category of modules of an algebra, module categories, Auslander-Reiten components, Representation Theory of Partially Ordered Sets,  Matrix problems, Homological methods in representation theory, Homological conjectures, Algebras of finite global dimension, Selfinjective algebras, Tame and wild algebras, Combinatorial aspects of representation theory, Geometry of algebras and modules, Homological invariants of algebras and modules, Triangulated categories and tilting theory and relations of these topics with Lie theory, Singularity theory, Quantum groups and applications of all these subjects in Cryptography, Number Theory and Combinatorics.

This event is in memorial to Professor Alexander Zavadskij who is considered one of the most prominent researcher in the theory of representations of partially ordered sets. The algorithm of differentiation with respect to a suitable pair of points is perhaps the result with most impact in the area.